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Latest News


L-1 visa approvals drop each year
Many Indian companies have complained over the past years that the number of rejections of L-1 petitions had increased significantly. The overall numbers now suggest exactly that. The US was clearly tightening its visa issuance given its high unemployment rate and the public uproar against immigration.

Visa fees on the rise
Australia’s visa fees are set to rise for the second time since July this year as a result of the Federal Government’s Economic Statement for the 2013-2014 financial year announced on August 2. The cost of most visas increased by more than 75 per cent in this year’s budget and fees are set to rise again by another 15 per cent.

Indonesia Top Destination for Thrifty Tourists
Indonesia remains the Asia Pacific region’s top destination for budget-conscious tourists, according to a survey by credit card company Visa.The survey, titled Global Travel Intentions Study 2013, released on Thursday, showed that travellers to Indonesia spend an average $1,634 per trip, less than the worldwide average travel budget of $2,390 per trip.

German visa application centre in Pune by next year
Puneites intending to visit Germany will soon be able to file their visa applications from the city.Michael Siebert, consul-general of Germany in Mumbai said on Friday that the German visa application centre will be operational in Pune early next year. The centre will function from the Schengen visa application centre in Pune.

Canadian consulate office to be set up in Bangalore
A Canadian consulate office will be set up in the city by early 2014, a senior Canadian High Commission official said today.
“We are opening a consulate office here in Bangalore by early 2014. It will be headquarters for south India with immigration facilities,” Consul and Senior Trade Commissioner (South India) Kyle Nunas told reporters on the sidelines of an event here.

China releases new visa rules for foreigners
Several new regulations in China take effect on Sunday, including a visa rules. There is now a new category R visa to attract more foreign talent. There will also be tougher penalties are for people who overstay their visas.

Selected Indians To Enjoy USA’s Fast Immigration Channel Soon

The U.S. has planned to extend its global traveler program to Indian citizens that will allow selected international passengers to detour normal immigration and customs procedures. India will be the second developing country that will be eligible to apply.

Fastest IT Job Growth in UK Since Dot-com Boom

The UK is currently enjoying the fastest growth in IT jobs since the dot-com bubble of the late 1990s. Nearly 720,000 people are employed in the industry as of March 2013, according to an analysis for the Financial Times of data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS)

IT contractors to benefit from digital skill demandThe extent of demand for technology skills was revealed yesterday (September 3rd), after new research showed that the UK is in dire need of more skilled workers with digital expertise.A new report from mobile provider O2 says that by 2017, the UK will need another 750,000 “digitally skilled” workers if it is to fulfil its potential in the digital technology industry

UK student visas: What you need to know about new rules

From the beginning of next month a couple of changes will be introduced to the immigration rules of the UK. Some of the changes affect the opportunities of immigrants entering the UK as a student.

Scotland ‘needs more’ international students
Often valued because of their high tuition fees and expenditure in the UK economy, international students actually have a much wider “social, cultural and educational” benefit, a new report argues. Released yesterday, Richer for It, claims that overseas students help foster an “international outlook” among their British counterparts, an attitude prized by the majority of employers.

Immigration bill could help foreign students stay here after graduation
The sweeping immigration bill that passed the U.S. Senate in June and faces an uncertain future in the House would make it easier for foreign students in the science, engineering, technology or math fields to both get to, and stay in, the United States after graduation.

Japanese universities woo Indian students
Promoting itself as an “affordable” destination for higher education as compared to the west, 20 Japanese universities participated in an education fair here Friday to attract Indian students aspiring to study abroad. Organized under the “Global 30″ project which aims to invite 300,000 foreign students to Japan, the third annual Japanese education fair provided guidance and first-hand counselling to over 1,000 students from Delhi’s schools and colleges.

Foreign universities shrink courses to woo students
As the crumbling rupee makes Indian students reconsider their overseas campus plans, universities in some countries have started introducing new scholarships and flexible academic options to keep the flow from India going.

Cost of studying in Australia putting off international students
Many young people seek to attend university in Australia but their dreams could be dashed as a new report shows that fees and living costs make the country the most expensive place to study in the world.

Demand for skilled workers in Canada
There is a high demand for skilled workers in Canada, particularly nurses, chefs, aircraft maintenance technicians, plumbers, fitters, welders and chemists. Citizenship and Immigration Canada has classified jobs requiring immigrants under the Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP).

Canada Announces New FSWP Immigration Laws
Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) has announced the new selection system for Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) that will take effect from May 4, 2013. The FSWP selects immigrants based on their ability to succeed economically in Canada. It measures applicants using a selection grid in which each applicant is awarded points for language proficiency, age, education, work experience, pre-arranged employment in Canada and adaptability.

Skilled migration
One of the quiet achievements of Australian public policy during the past decade has been our skilled migration program. Under successive governments it has become focused on delivering the skills Australia needs when it needs them.In 2012-13, Australia accepted about 200,000 permanent migrants, of which about 125,000 were skilled. In contrast, in the 1980s the great majority of Australia’s migrants were family migrants.


Work and Settle with a PR in Europe with Austria's Highly Qualified Worker Program – Family Visa – No Quota – 3-5 month process – Citizenship in 5 years. Are you eligible?
Germany Jobseeker Visa
The smartest way to find a job in Germany.Get a 6 month visa to legally search for a job.Engineers,IT professionals,Scientists,Trades, Doctors,Nurses and many more are in demand.

Denmark Greencard – PR Visa for self & family. 6-12 months process time. Simple & Easy process with high visa success rate. Earn bonus points if you have worked or studied in the UK or the EU. Investor & Entrepreneur Categories-USA, UK, Canada ,Australia, New Zealand, Czech Republic, Hungry, Germany, Ireland & USA
US to soon address H1B visa issue
The US Government is planning to come out with corrected norms within this year for sheer collaboration of works between both the countries.“The new norms may raise also raise limit of H1B visas provided to Indian companies to around 1.15 lakh per year.
Canada's Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) Program will begin accepting applications from May 2013. The FSW is a popular program because it is a PR visa that allows you to settle in Canada based on your age, education, skills & work experience. Fastest and simplest and the cheapest way to get PR s. You need to ensure that your application reaches before the cap is filled.
Migrate to Canada – Employer Sponsored Provincial
Migration. Short Process Time. No Quota for Occupations. Relaxed IELTS and funds requirements. Fastest way to gain Canadian PR. This Canada Migration scheme is currently accepting applications.
Investor & Entrepreneur, Self Employed and Farmers, Categories-USA, UK, Australia, Germany, Czech Republic, Hungry, (European Union) Ireland etc.
Australia needs skilled professionals. PR Family Visa
in 12+ months, all benefits & advantages. Free children’s education, sponsor your family, and travel the world without a visa. Apply now to Immigrate.

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